First Glimpse Boutique

We sell many popular brands and items in our boutique. Any day we are open for Ultrasounds the Boutique is also open. It is located in our waiting area in the front of our facility. We sell custom onesies, gowns and Big brother/Big sister shirts. We carry adorable brands such as Lucy Darling, Kickee Pants, Noodle & Boo, Infanteenie Beenie, Maison Chic, Gownies and many more. We are excited to carry many clothing lines now! We are obsessed with our newest line Bestaroo. Their pajamas are made out of the softest organic bamboo! We carry the ever famous baby girl tutu sets for LSU games and newborn pictures, as well as the matching petit skirts for 1 year pictures. We also love carrying Rosalina, Petit Ami, Babidu and Angel Dear.

Our biggest sellers are our Gender Reveal items. You can purchase these items same day or after. We are more than happy to wrap up the correct item you will need to find out the gender of your baby without you knowing what it is. You can leave with the secret envelope and a secret reveal item. We do not sell online. We just wanted to share with everyone so they are aware of the things they can purchase at our Boutique. We want to save you time and frustration looking for these fun items!

Below are pictures of the Gender Reveal items we currently sell in the store. Please check with us to make sure we have as many as you will need in stock beforehand just in case. You can message us through the website, contact us through Facebook or give us a call at (225) 927-2454.




Gender Reveal 12″ Confetti Cannon

Gender Reveal 12" Confetti Cannons
Shoot Up To 10 Feet In The Air!
You Cannot Tell The Gender From The Outside!

Gender Reveal 12″ Chalk Cannons

Gender Reveal 12" Chalk Cannons
Shoot over 10 Feet in the air!
Come in Pink & Blue.

Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs

Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs
Come in pack with 1 Pink and 1 Blue.
Great For Reveals!

Gender Reveal Scratch Off Cards

Gender Reveal Scratch Off Cards
Pack Of 10
You Cannot Tell The Gender Until You Scratch It Off!
Many different themes!
Great For Restaurants & Grandparents!

Chalk Baseballs & Shooting Targets

Gender Reveal Baseballs & Shooting Targets!
You Cannot Tell What The Gender
Is Until You Hit Or Shoot Them!
The Gender Is Sealed Inside With The Chalk!
*Pink Are Practice Balls*

Heartbeat Animal

Gender Reveal Heartbeat Animals
We Will Record The Baby's Heartbeat & Put It
Inside The Animal. The Box Can Hide The Animal.
There Are Many Different Animal Options.
Siblings Love Them!

Bath Bombs

Gender Reveal Bath Bombs All
Natural, Safe Great Way To Tell
Big Brother/Sister Its A Boy Or Girl!

Smoke Grenade

Gender Reveal Smoke Grenade
Comes In Purple, Blue &

Confetti Push Pops

Gender Reveal Confetti Push Pops
The gender is sealed inside, we are the only ones who knows the secret!

Gender Reveal Chalk Balls

Gender Reveal Golfballs, Footballs & Basketballs!
You cannot tell what the gender is until you kick, or throw them and they break!
The gender is sealed inside with the chalk!

Custom Made Cake Toppers Great For Gender Reveal Cakes!

Custom Made Cake Toppers
Great For Gender Reveal Cakes!

Big Black Balloon

Gender Reveal Big Black Balloon
Comes With Blue, Pink Or Both
Colors Confetti To Stuff Inside!
Then Pop And See!

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