Why Can’t I Just Come In For A Quick 3D Picture? You don’t offer something for just a picture, I don’t want a package. I don’t want to come for 2o or 30 minutes, I just want one picture, how much is that? We get these questions Every. Day. Now we want to show you […]

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Just a quick reminder to everyone that we will be offering heavily discounted pricing on most of our ultrasound packages for 3 specific days for the month of January. We are training a new sonographer to take over while I am out on maternity leave in the Spring. I always want to be fair with […]

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Now that the sacred time that Football Season is has graced us with its presence everyone’s life is effected whether they like football or not; especially if you live in a big college town. Here in Baton Rouge, the world kind of stops on Game Days. The traffic picks up and the purple and gold […]

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